FOUR hard to find, incredibly icky issues of the haunted Horror anthology comic with Mr. Verlin (Rik Livingston) art in every one. If you like EC comics, or remember the days when every comic company HAD to have a ton of Terror titles in it's stable (where DID they all go???) then this bargain basket of scary stories is just for you! It's specially priced only for those brave enuff to wander our weird web!

$5.99 + 60¢ post-toasties (FAR below Comic Book Store prices!) Make non-rubber checks payable to: Rik Livingston, Z.A.P! ZONO Art Productions!, 61515 Adobe Drive, Joshua Tree Village, CA 92252-2710

So you can't say you weren't warned of the wicked delights that haunt these issues, peruse these putrid pages:

"Children at Play"

"...Of Nonsense, Who I Once Knew Personally" (Three pages)