A UFO and a farting foe! This issue STINKS! Major Stench will knock ya' out! A full length fable with an authentic alien toy color cover! Learn the TRUTH of General Hazard and the Demolition Kitchen! Shhhhh! It's secret!

"If you're looking for some reading fun, then the BAD CAT comic series has got to be one of the coolest! With great comic cover concepts, fun comic art and stories and one of the best new crime fighting cats to hit the small press comic pages, you've just got to read them to believe them!" - BLURBS! (

"A superhero cat meets aliens and rednecks in this expertly drawn and written independently produced comic book." -

$3.99+60¢ postage. Make non-rubber checks payable to: Rik Livingston, ZONO Art Productions, 61515 Adobe Drive, Joshua Tree Village, CA 92252-2710

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