Digest size with a three dimensional
"Peeping Skeleton Toy" Dr. Bone cover!

"I Love it!!...I am an independent cartoonist myself, and I teach several courses on Cartooning to school age kids, and this was a BLAST!...I wish there were more fun comics like this out there. Keep up the good work and I'll be ordering some more from you directly. I'll also give the comic shop a push to promote your books, they certainly can appeal to a wide audience". - Andy Fish, Blue Monkey Comics "

"In this debut issue, Dr. Bone advises you to step sideways while showing you how to fool the Cat Club when they want to bury you alive." -


Check out these sample pages, Cat Kidz:

"Bad Cat Vs. the Corporations"

"Bad Cat/ Good Luck" (Two page strip)

"Over Population"

"Nose Candy"