The newest Bad Cat Comik!! Be the first on yer block to order this soon-to-be-Pulitzered. power-packed panphlet of purr-fectly LETTERED literature! (Actually, we used FONTS for most of it, so that's not saying much...)

Oh yeah, the stories and art ain't bad, neither-either.

Bad Cat! Ms. Hiss! The Alley Cat Boy! Major Stench! Dr. Bone! Kreetchurz! Mwwwrrr! Rocket Ralph! All in one Ba-a-ad booklet!! Reminiscent of the good old days in comics, when you got a buncha stories in one comic (instead of one incomprehinsible chapter in a continued-indefinately-cross-over-mega-event like they all are now!) There's the lead Bad Cat feature, known around the Zono Studios as "Bad Cat Does Doonesbury", and then more, more, more stories and art!

$3.99+60¢ postage. Make non-rubber checks payable to: Rik Livingston, ZONO Art Productions!, 61515 Adobe Drive, Joshua Tree Village, CA 92252-2710

Ready for a trip to the trippy back-up-story-dimension of "Zone O", mystic ones?

Click here for a 4 Page Dr. Bone story

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