HARLAN ELLISON called one of these titles "a rare pleasure", and I'd have to agree. It's hard to know how to describe the late, lamented Strawberry Jam line. It's realistic fantasy, mystery, humor. "Rare", indeed...

Three vintage comics (To Be Announced #6, night life #1 and #5) featuring "Mr. Verlin" (Rik Livingston) Art as well as other EXCELLENT strips. Don't miss this unusual, special collection at a low, web-site-only price:

$7.99+60 postage. postage for the Postal. Make non-rubber checks payable to: Rik Livingston, ZONO Art Productions, 61515 Adobe Drive, Joshua Tree Village, CA 92252-2710

Here's a longer look at Rik Livingston and Mark Haden Frazer's "Alternative" storytelling classic.PARENTAL WARNING: There's one "bad word" in here. It rhymes with "spit".

"Unconventional Perspectives", a 6 page mix of Fantasy, Horror and Humor!