Zono Toy Productions

I’m the type that shops at second-hand stores and picks up stray debris as he walks down the sidewalk. I’ve even been known to dumpster dive. These odds and ends are then filed into bins of like material, shape, and/or genre.

I’ve taken occasional heat from friends and family about my collections. But, while other wannabe artists go broke trying to afford expensive art materials, I never run out of supplies. And businessmen take note: my overhead for these Zono Eco-Art Toy pieces is low!

It’s my belief that I will someday be vindicated! That this consumer society, if it is to survive, will have to learn to reclaim and reuse. Waste not, want not, squandering splurgers!

It is to other curators of castoffs that this series of handmade, one-of-a-kind, seriously fun, Zono Eco-Art Toys is dedicated!