I once answered an ad in the back of a comic book where you “Draw the Pirate,” and they let me take a correspondence course where you learn all about art. It’s been immensely helpful in my career, as has my Associate, Bachelor and Masters of Fine Art degrees, the last from the San Francisco Art Institute.

I’ve taught at two San Francisco colleges. I’ve had three years, in San Francisco, of being Art Director for The Whitney Young Cultural Center Mansion and one year doing the same for the biggest Boys and Girl’s Club west of the mighty Mississippi. Also, during  thirty-or-so years of hanging my own and other people’s art in many galleries and art spaces, I have finally figured out how to use hammer and nails!

I moved to Southern California in 2006-2008, and enjoy spending time in both the High Desert and Coachella Valley. A “Desert Valley Star” interview of me was titled “Out of His Mind.” I’m not sure if they meant that in a Zen “no-mind” sense or not, but I’ll take it as a compliment.