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Stinky loves to fetch good art links...

At one time, Rik Livingston directed a 5,000+ square foot Cultural Center, in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco. Here's links to just a few of the many, many artists that showed or performed there:

Jenny Bird - that's word!

Ant Tees Go Best with Yer Panties!

Creativity, Diversity, Community ArtSalonSF

Like a Gob of Sugar in Yer Eye - Attaboy's Eye Candy

DAVe (yes, that's how he writes his name)

Joel's Rock Posters and Elrod Illos

Animated Politicartoons Par Excelance

Fabbri's Thoughtful Art

Caroll Glenn's San Fran Sound

Lord of the Mung

Steve Greenburg's Editorial Cartoons

Where I get my Political Newz

Mats!? from the International Underground Show

Devo's Mark Motherbaugh

Hepburn's Hep Fotoz

Pat's Snappy Snapshots

MariNaomi's Surreal, But Real

Art That Speaks the Heart

Walker quits walking long enuff ta draw Cafe People

Sanderson's Sublet of Horror

Schmid's Psychoanalytical Surrealism

SMALL Art that's big on talent

Direct Current Spensley's ElecTrickz

Zach's Whack!

Victoria Veedell's Visuals

Vosburgh's Visuals

Visual Art in and around magical, mystical Morongo Basin, California (outside the Joshua Tree National Park) - Rik's new home:

Agave Art with Purple Spirit!

Art Council

Art Medicine by Dr. Elise

Art Queen

Elf Art

Art Cafe That Rik Now Curates

Art Truth at True World Gallery

Art Ants

Art on HWY 62

Scott Keeps the Desert POPpin'

Art at a Historic Gallery

Art Creative Center

Iron Art Americana

Unger's Unusual Realism Art

Free on-line literature for you to peruse:

Cathy Spensley's Sounds & Stories

My Cousin's Crimson Quill

Boomer Bum's Urban Inspections